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Dear member of BCREC fraternity,
           We are really proud of having alumni/alumnus like you. BCREC is now preparing for Outcome Based Accreditation
            (OBA) as per prescription of NBA. NBA accreditation will increase visibility of BCREC in corporate world and to the
                             stakeholders. It will provide our graduates with greater mobility to seek employment in member countries of Washington
                       Accord  where degrees of accredited institutions are taken at par of their degree. Your judicious feedback on following
        questionnairewill be of great help. Answer by putting tick in appropriate places or write in telegraphic language.

1.Alumni Name:
2.Course studied at the College:
4.Academic Years (From)
5.Academic Years (To)
6.Contact No(Landline)
8.Email Id
9.Contact Address
10.Present Organization
12.Present Location (if the Organization is multi-city)
13.Rate your Association with the College
14.Development activities organized by the College
15.Rate the Teaching Learning Process of the College
16.Interaction with teachers after class hours
17.Rate the Lab. Facilities of the College
18.Rate the Internet connectivity provided
19.Comment on the Library facilities provided
20.Comment on assistance from the TPO for
       A.On Campus recruitment 
       B.Off Campus recruitment 
       C.Industrial training 
21.Academic initiatives undertaken for Soft skill development.
22.Assistance in projects undertaken
23.Methodology of internal evaluation/assessment
24.Transparency in internal evaluation/assessment
25.Career Counseling provided
26.Scope of chooosing elective subjects or add-on courses
        A .Hostel facilities
        B.Canteen facilities
27.Games and Sports facilities
28.Medical facilities
29.Co-Curricular activities:- Seminars and Workshops/ Entrepreneurship development, Design &Development
30.Extra-curricular activities –NCC/NSS.
31.Opportunities for Industry interaction.
32.Alumni network.
33.Opportunities for development of environmental consciousness.
34.Opportunities for development of professional & Social ethics
35.Opportunities for development of life-long learning.
36.Opportunities for development of social consciousness.
37.Facilities for preparation in Competitive examinations – GATE/CAT/GRE / IES etc.
38.Opportunities provided for learning ‘beyond syllabus’
39.Encouragement and guidance provided for student research
40.Rate your Progress in employment CEO/Manager / Project leader/Group Leader/None.
41.Rate your Progress in Higher education Post Doc/PhD/M.Tech./PG Diploma/None
42.Rate your progress in self-employment/business.
43.How do you rate your Engineering Knowledge?
44.How do you rate your Problem Analysis Knowledge?
45.How do you rate your skill to Conduct investigation of complex problems?
46.How do you rate your skill to Conduct Modern Tool usage?
47.How do you rate your knowledge on relation: Engineer & Society?
48.How do you rate your knowledge on relation: Environment & Sustainability?
49.How do you rate your knowledge professional & social Ethics?
50.How do you rate your Individual & Team work?
51.How do you rate your Communication skill?
52.How do you rate your knowledge on Project Management & Finance?
53.How do you rate your attitude to continious updating youreself?