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Dear employer ,
                                                    Thank you for hiring our graduates. We solicit your feed-back on different aspects of the ambienc and also
                           on different atributes/ skills of the graduates you have already employed. The feedback provided by you will be of
                          immence importance to monitor for betterment of the teaching learning process adopted by the college and also to
                         improve the infrastucture whereever it is necessary. Afterall we will be able to produce better quality gradutes as
 requred by the industry
           Training & Placement Officer

1.Name ofthe Company/Institute  
2.Name of the evaluating person with Designation & Present Postal  
5.Land/Mobile number:  
6.Overall impression about college Infrastcture
7.About Library
8.About Internet Connectivity
9.About teaching learning process adopted by college
10.Rate Communication skill of our graduates employed
11.Rate their ability ot negotiate challanges
12.Rate their adaptibility in the organization
13.Rate their subject knowledge
14.Rate their analytical skill
15.Rate their ability to work in group.
16.Rate their designe and development skill
17.Rate their abidence to professional code of conduct
18.Rate their consiouness about social problems
19.Involvement in social activities
20.Relationship with seniors/peers/subordinates
21.Innovativeness, creativity
22.Ability to take up extra responsibility
23.Obligation to work beyond schedule if required
24.Ability to contribute to the goal of the organization
25.Chance of permanent absorbation of our graduates in your organization
26.Chance to take BCREC students again in next year
* All fields are mandatory