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We are grateful to you for having chosen Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College for your ward’s
 Institution of study, and we solicit your feedback on Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur

1. Parent Name  
2.Adequacy level of information in Prospectus & Website:
3.Your impression on the overall infrastructure :
4.Library facilities: 
5.Quality of teaching:
6.Regularity of classes:
7.Wards accademic progress:
8.General adminstration of the College
9.General discipline of the College
10.Collge co-curricular activities:
11.Extra curricular activities college provides:
12.Preparing wards for higher education/compettive examinations:
13.Development of yours wards matter of :
        a. Social  Consciousness:
        b. Ethical standards:
        c. Environment Consciousness:
14.Placement opportunities by the college:
* All fields are mandatory