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Head of the Department
Prof. (Dr.) Narendra Nath Pathak
BE, M.Tech, Ph.D

Basic Electronics Lab
Digital Electronics Lab
Microwave Lab
Simulation Lab
Digital Signal Processing Lab
Signals and Systems Lab
Solid States Lab
Communication Lab
Analog Communication Lab
Digital Communication Lab
Advanced Communication Lab
Microwave Simulation Lab
Network Simulation Lab
Research Lab
















Year of establishment: 2000

B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering (4 years)
Year of commencement: 2000
Current Intake: 120
M.Tech. in Modern Communication Engineering (2 year)
M.Tech. in Micro Electronics Engineering (2 year)
Year of commencement: 2009
Current Intake: 18

To aspire to be a premier department imparting world class technical education in tune with
industry requirements, inculcate research motivation through academic excellence.
The mission of the department is to create & provide state of the art infrastructure and a facilitating environment toward quality education and promote high standards of professional ethics, transparency and accountability leading to a strong foundation in Electronics and Communication Engineering and the underlying mathematics, science in an environment that combines engineering practice, encourages collaborative research and consultancies with industries.
1. Graduates of Electronics and Communication Engineering department are expected to excel
in professional career by acquiring knowledge in fundamentals in the field of Electronics and
Communication Engineering leading to in-depth technological knowledge.
2. Graduates of ECE department are expected to have skills in Mathematics, Science, Economics, Management, allied studies and abide by the sense of responsibility, professionalism, team work and ethical values which will help to develop a symbiotic relationship between the Institution, society and community.
3. Graduates of ECE department are expected to become a good citizen, conscious of society
and environment with ethical attitude having quality to adapt in the fast changing society by
lifelong learning through higher studies, quality technological research and career either in
Industry or entrepreneurship.
a. Graduates of Electronics and Communication Engineering Programme will acquire basic knowledge in mathematics, science, engineering and humanities.
b. Graduates will have the ability to define the problems and provide solutions by designing and
conducting experiments, interpreting and analyzing data, and reporting the results.
c. Graduates will develop the ability to design manufacturing systems that would encompass System Design and requirements as demanded by the customers.
d. Graduates will understand the rapid advances in technologies like VLSI & Embedded System.
e. Graduates will understand modeling and analysis of systems-level decision problems concerned with Control Engineering.
f. Graduates will have the ability to learn the electronics and communication engineering and science Concepts including telecommunication, space communication.
g. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to choose and apply appropriate designs of electromagnetic theory, microwave and Fiber optic based systems.
h. Graduates will be proficient in English language in both verbal and written forms which will enable them to compete with graduates of international engineering institutions.
i. Graduates will have the confidence to apply engineering solutions in global and societal contexts.
j. Graduates will clearly understand the Mathematical concepts related to electronics and communication engineering.
k. Graduates will be broadly educated and will gain knowledge in interdisciplinary fields & also gain knowledge the social issues, environmental awareness and mass education.