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The Examination Department of Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College (BCREC), which is a highly regarded institution that is affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology (MAKAUT), conducts its operations in accordance with the rules and guidelines that have been established by the university. The department is in charge of coordinating the whole of the examination procedure. The professional team of office employees and examination coordinators come from a variety of academic departments throughout the college and are managed by an Officer in Charge (OIC) of Examinations. This department is responsible for the administration of all college examinations. This combined effort assures the thorough design, flawless implementation, and impartial monitoring of exams, hence maintaining the academic standards and integrity of the assessment processes at BCREC.

OIC Examination

Prof. Subhashish Pal

Contact no.: 0343-2501353 ext.-225

email: examcell@bcrec.ac.in

Office staffs:

1. Mr. Sanjit Das (Senior Executive)

2. Mr. Sankar Bhattacharya (Supervisior)

Exam coordinators:

Department  Name Mb. No.
CSE  Prof. Ruma Ghosh 9635657706
CSE  Prof. Joyjit Patra 9474447078
IT  Prof. Priyanka Roy 9474483874
ECE  Prof. Surajit Batabyal 9832792897
ECE  Mr. Samar nath Rajak 9749284984
ME  Dr. Pabitra Kumar Mandal 9474403606
ME  Mr. Subhankar Dey 9749954950
CE  Mr. Surajit Sen 9734093065
EE  Prof. Siddharth Ghosh 7908924916
EE  Mr. Sougata Rudra 9593504602
CSE(DS)  Prof. Banashree Chatterjee 8637014743
AIML  Prof. Arnab Banerjee 9614472992
CSD  Prof. Swadhin Mandal 7001316096
MBA  Prof. Subhasis Datta 9635158090
MCA  Dr. Falguni Chakraborty 9933005034
BSH  Ms. Arpita Dutta 7430916063

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