Hostels & Dining

BCREC has well-ventilated accommodations for boys and girls students within the campus that emote a pleasant feeling and enhance learning. Hostels are managed by female Matrons (Girls’ Hostels) and male Wardens (Boys’ Hostels), under the leadership of the Hostel Superintendent, Professor, apart from 24 hrs security provided in each of the hostel blocks. Each hostel offers complete facilities including boarding and lodging, common room, internet and Wi−Fi, room telephone service, etc. The following hostels (3−Boys / 2− Girls) are currently available.

Guidelines for Hostel Accommodation:

Accommodation at boys’ and girls’ hostels being limited, students are advised to apply immediately after admission in separate prescribed form available in our corporate office. Admission to hostels is for one year duration and is subject to renewal annually depending on good conduct. Accommodation is allotted to students based on need, financial position and other allied aspects. Hostel charges and seat rents etc., once paid cannot be refunded.


On the date of reporting for hostel accommodation each student has to bring the following items, without fail (1) Six copies colour stamp size photo (2) Money Receipt − 2 copies Xerox (3)Bedding with mosquito net (4) One big lock and one small lock (5) other necessary personal belongings such as torch, big trunk, glass, buckets etc.

Hostel Charges ( Caution Money Rs. 2000/- Refundable ) July-Dec Jan-June
Seat Rent Rs. 9,000/- Per Semester for 4 Bed Room 9,000/- 9,000/-
Rs. 15,000/- Per Semester for 2 Bed Room 15,000/- 15,000/-
Mess Charge Rs. 4,800/- PM 28,800/- 24,000/-


Hostel Rule Book