Safety and Security

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring and Recording of Campus Areas for Safety and Security – The institute is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the campus community by integrating the security tools as a part of BCREC’s continuing efforts to increase campus security and safety. The purpose is to monitor and record campus areas in order to deter untoward incidents and to assist the Campus Administrator's Office in protecting the safety of students and property at the campus.

Fire Fighting System:

The institute is well equipped with functional Fire Detection System along with fire fighting cylinders/hosepipes etc., provided in strategic positions of the institute. Special fire fighting training is provided to all staffs as well as students to handle crisis situations.

Campus Administration and Security:

The students enjoy a secured and peaceful atmosphere in the campus. They feel motivated to advance in their career when they find themselves in a disciplined campus. The law and order inside the campus is maintained by round−the− clock security and Institute’s efficient Campus Administration. The Board headed by Mr. Dhrubajyoti Mukhopadhyay and assisted by Santosh Kumar Paul keeps strict vigil to see that the peaceful environment is not disturbed and to help students all the time. Stern action is taken against a student if found involved in any misconduct and in any activity that would harm the peaceful environment of the campus. Contact : Campus Administrator − Mr. Dhrubajyoti Mukhopadhyay ( M: +91 8617882584) and Deputy Campus Administrator − Santosh Kumar Paul ( M: 9563060931).

Grievance Redressal Cell:

BCREC takes active steps to redress every students issues and has an online Grievance Redressal System popularly known as ‘Student's Grievance’. Students can log their grievances related to food, hostel accommodation, canteen services, ragging, malpractices, and other relevant issues through website link available. The grievance logged by the students is kept confidential and taken care of by the Grievance Redressal Cell of BCREC. On a periodic basis grievances logged is shared with the Registar of the institute for necessary action.